Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh Temple

Our ancestors had established the spiritual institutions like the Temple and Dharmaguru Peetahs to provide us Divine Light and Guidance in our life’s journey towards righteousness and the Eternal. These lamps had been kept burning brightly by the oil of their faith, devotion, commitment, sacrifice and all the essences of human values.

Our progenitors bequeathed this lamp to us for our use and maintenance and passed it over to our descendants so that they might not stumble upon the rock of adharma and atheism. The custodian of this lamp is the Dharma guru who is vigilant to see that we properly trim its wick from time to time and pour pure oil to keep it burning with splendour perpetually so that the hallowed light dispels the darkness of ignorance and adharma.

This invaluable legacy from our benevolent forefathers is to be preserved and enriched as ordained by our Dharma guru, so that we can pass it down to our progeny, intact.

Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh Temple is such a holy lamp we have been entrusted with by farsighted noble our forefathers and we are bound by our sacred duty to preserve the same with its sanctity divinity and glory by strictly following its tradition customs and practices as prescribed by our Paramacharya at whose lotus feet we seek refuge for guidance and enlightenment.

This portal will enable us to realize the sacrifice and commitment of the founders of the temple and all those who were responsible for its remarkable progress and to emulate them in preserving this Lamp of Divinity. This also will serve as a platform to share the information related to the upcoming jeernodhar (re-construction) project.