SLVT Hosdurg

History of the Temple

A large number of Gowda Saraswath Brahmins had moved over to Hosdurg and the adjacent areas from Goa more than five centuries ago in their quest for a safe settlement to preserve their faith, culture and vocation. These people remained united and engaged themselves in various vocations like trade, agriculture, Government service, etc., to eke out their livelihood throughout their hard fought struggle for existence, the Saraswaths never lagged behind in discharging their duties to the Samaj, the Almighty and their Preceptor. They successfully withstood the onslaught of the regional languages and their mother tongue, Konkani, has a place of pride among them.

Being alien to the culture, mode of worship, language etc., of the local people the Saraswaths remained isolated from the mainstream and they held on to their own tradition, religious practices and so on.

In the early years of their settlement here, the Saraswaths had to trek over to Kasaragod to worship at Sri Varadaraja Venkataramana Temple belonging to the community. One had to cover this distance of thirty miles on foot and yet the Saraswaths paid regular visits to this temple to quench their spiritual thirst. In the middle of the nineteenth century, the Samaj members resolved to have a temple of their own in Hosdurg and embarked upon this noble work unitedly. Late Subraya Kamath and his brother Manjayya Kamath donated the site and with the generous help in money, material and manual labour from every section of the Samaj a modest temple came up under the leadership of the late Subraya Kamath, Narayan Kamath, Sheshagiri Kamath and Ramachandra Nayak whose families are together known as “Chowguli family”. The management of the temple was decided to be vested in the Samaj at Hosdurg and a democratic set up was evolved for its administration. 

The Samaj members who were mostly the followers of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan respectfully requested the then Matadhipathi Srimad Bhuvanendra Theertha Swamiji to guide them in the matter of the Prathishta of the deity and to consecrate the new temple. Impressed by the ardent desire and faith in God of the Shishyavarga of Hosdurg the Swamiji graciously agreed to their request. Swamiji offered to install the idol of Lord Lakshmi Venkatesh, surrendered to him by the people at Innoli in Nandavar Village of South Canara for performing Thrikala Poojas and other due rituals. This idol was being worshipped at the Innoli temple with pomp and piety for a long time, with a daily nivedya of one murah of rice. It is said that as hard times fell upon our Samaj at Innoli even the daily poojas could not be properly performed and as a last resort the idol was entrusted to the safe custody of Srimad Bhuvanendra Theertha Swamiji for performing the poojas. The Swamiji accepted the idol and used to perform all daily rites regularly.

On the auspicious day of Vaishakh Shuddha Thritheeya of Raktakshi nama Samvatsara of Shalivahana Shaka 1786, (1864-65-A.D). His Holiness Srimad Bhuvanendra Theertha Swamiji duly performed the Prathishta of Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh and prayed for the welfare of the Samaj and progress of the temple. The heartfelt entreaty to the Almighty by the most virtuous and righteous Preceptor, that the Lord must be pleased by whatever nivedya is offered by the devotees of Hosdurg and forgives them for mistakes or lapses, has stood the Samaj members in good stead as is evidenced from the steady progress achieved by the Samaj in general. We gratefully believe that God’s grace and the blessings of the Swamiji will continue to shower upon us.

This temple was known as Varadaraja Venkataramana Temple Hosdurg, until the Second Punah Prathishta in 1960 perhaps because of our association “With the Samaj temple with the same name at Kasargod. After the Second Punahprathishta, the temple is known as Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh temple after the chief Prathishta.

SLVT Hosdurg

In the Path of Progress

Authentic records about the state of affairs in the temple in the early years are not available today, as is the case with most of our temples in general. The great sacrifices made by the founders seems to have borne fruits as is evidenced by the gradual progress in all matters connected with our temple. Today we can proudly claim that our temple is one of the best managed and developed ones in this part of the country. In the course of about one and a half centuries there has been all round development in infrastructure, conduct of festivals and rituals and the participation of the devotees in all matters connected with the temple. The united and dedicated support from the entire samaj during the critical period in the history of our Samaj, is a matter of gratification and pride. It is to be specially mentioned that whatever has been achieved is solely with the generous assistance of our samaj members and no monetary assistance either from the Government or from the general public has been sought or availed of. The Matadhipathi of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan is the supreme authority in matters connected with the temple. However all other Guru Peetahs of the Samaj are held in equal respect and obeisance. We look upon all Matadhipathis for spiritual guidance and seek blessings from all. Ever since Srimad Bhuvanendra Theertha Swamiji performed the Moola Prathishta, all successors of the Swamiji have been showing special consideration and love by visiting the temple from time to time. On the 5th May, 1920 Srimad Sukritheendra Theertha Swamiji performed the Punah Prathishta and the Brahma Kalasha. The Swamiji blessed the Samaj members on many other occasions camping at the temple on the invitation of the Samaj. After the renovation of the sanctum sanctorum and the quadrangular pauli, the Punah Prathishta of Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh was performed by Srimad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji on the Ramanavami in 1960. The Devotees had the rare fortune of getting an opportunity to pay obeisance to all the three Matadhipathis of our Samaj together in 1963 when Srimad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji installed the Parivara Devas in the esteemed presence of the Matadhipathis of Sri Gokarn Parthagali Math and Sri Kaivalya Math. Srimad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji had observed the “Chaturmasya Vratha” in the Raktakshi Samvatsara (1975). This holy event was celebrated with the involvement of all Samaj members and is one of the most memorable functions in the history of our temple.
Again in 1989, Sahasra Kumbhabhisheka was performed with all attendant grandeur and devotion in the gracious presence of our revered Srimad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji. The elaborate and efficient arrangement for the function and the ardent love, reverence and devotion of the Shishya Varga here pleased the Swamiji overwhelmingly. They are ever grateful to the Preceptor for the blessings showered on them and for the timely guidance and leadership in all spiritual matters.

The Samaj members of Hosdurg are very proud of the fact that the Swamijis of Kashi Math Samsthan have been showing special consideration and love towards them. Our temple has a unique link with Sri Kashi Math Samsthan. Usually when a new temple is consecrated a new idol of the Deity is installed. But in the case of Hosdurg Temple, the idol had been in the possession of Srimad Bhuvanendra Theertha Swamiji, one of the most venerable and learned Pontiffs of our Dharmaguru parampara, who had prayed to the Lord to forgive the lapses on the part of the devotees here. Our beloved Paramacharya Srimad Samyamindra Theertha Swamiji has been kind and considerate towards us and earnestly praying for our welfare prosperity and blessing us whole heartedly. It is a matter of great pride and privilege that the Swamiji has been connected with almost all important holy events in the temple, ever since the reins of the Math came into His hands. We prostrate at His lotus feet and pray to the Almighty for the health and longevity of our Swamiji, at the end of the Maha pooja everyday.

The temple had been the refuge for hundreds of persons in misery seeking consolation and remedy for their mental as well as physical afflictions. The “Devi Darshan” (oracle) used to hear the problems of the devotees and suggest suitable remedial measures. People from faraway places visited the temple especially during the Navarathri days to narrate their problems and returned quite satisfied and consoled. The Darshan Pathris belonged to the Kamath family in Hosdurg and they were men of integrity, truthfulness and devotion leading an austere life. Just one instance is enough to show that the Lord never let them down in times of difficulty. There was one Appu mam (Dasappa Kamath), a noble and pious person, who was a Darshan Patri. He eked out his living by dealing in agricultural products like chillies, pepper etc., bought from nearby villages. Once, along with his son Kogga Kamath who was also a Darshan Patri, he bought some chillies from a nearby Village. As the quantity of it was much more than they could carry home, Appu mam kept a portion of it filled in a sack in a house there, promising to take it back the next day. Appu mam went to that house the next day and requested for his sack of chillies. Poor Appu mam was taken aback when the householder pleaded ignorance of any such chilli and sent him back barehanded. The neighbours who had gathered there opined that the sack might have been left in some other house and Appumam cut a sorry figure. Praying Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh he came home tired and disappointed. Late at night, Appu mam was awakened by a loud scream of agony from outside his house. He heard the voice of a few men urging one among them to tap at the door. Appu mam was puzzled and quite frightened. He slowly and carefully opened the door and came out. The moment he emerged outside on the veranda, he saw a figure with a sack on his head approaching him and falling at his feet beseeching him for pardon. The man was twisting and twining, feeling a sense of burning and irritation all over his body. Those accompanying the man, pleaded that Appu mam should forgive the man and save him from his agony. Appu mam asked the man to get up and beg pardon from the Lord. He led those people to the temple and asked the man to prostrate before the Sanctum Sanctorum and pray that he would never repeat such acts of treachery. All, including Appu mam, prayed to God to forgive him. To the great surprise of all, the man asserted that his pain was gone and he felt quite comfortable. From that day onwards this man used to visit the temple regularly and offer Kanike in the Hundi until his last days. Ever since the last Darshan Pathri Padmanabha Kamath, became a widower, there is no Darshan now in the Temple. No successor has been found after the demise of the last Darshan Pathri even though the devotees have been praying God to inspire a suitable person to be the Darshan Pathri.

SLVT Hosdurg


1864 Prathishta of Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh by Srimad Bhuvanendra Theertha Swamiji.
1920 First Punah prathishta after renovation by Srimad Sukritheendra Theertha Swamiji.
1960 Ram Navami – Second Punah Prathishta by Srimad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji.
1963 Parivara Devas installed – The Matadhipathis of our three Dharma guru Peetahs together at our temple.
1975 Chathurmasa Vritha of Srimad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji at Hosdurg.
1980 Sri Mahamaya Prathishta and thrikala Pooja started.
1981 Srimad Jayendra Theertha Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetam visited the temple.
1982 Shatha Chandika Havana Srimad Vidyadhiraja Theertha Swamiji of Gokarn Math Camped.
1984 120th anniversary of Prathishta Laghu Vishu Havana – Chandika Homa, Samoohika Upanayana Devotees of Chaithanya Maha Prathishtan on padayathra received.
1986 Sri Sudheendra Kalyan Mantap opened.
1988 Samoohika Upanayana.
1989 Sahasra Kumbabhisheka – 125th anniversary of Prathishta by Srimad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji.
1990 Sri Bhuvanendra Kala Mandir Shilanyas.
1991 Vasantha Masa Vritha of Srimad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji-Digvijaya. Srimad Vidyadhiraja Theertha of Gokarn Math visited.
1997 Shatha Kalashabhisheka
1998 Samoohika Upanayana
1998 Srimad Sachidananda Saraswathi of Kaivalya Math accompanied by Shishya at the temple.
2002 Total obedience and absolute loyalty to the Matadhipathi of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan Srimad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji Reaffirmed, pledged and demonstrated.
2004 Golden Prabhavali to Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh decorated by Srimad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji.
2005 Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh Sevashram inaugurated.
2008 Medical Camp organized, Geetha Pravachan in Konkani by Smt. Bhavana Bhaskar Prabhu, Mumbai.
2009 Renovation of the roof of the outer praakaram.
2010 Samoohik Upanayana, Golden Jubilee of the Second Punah Prathishta Celebrations.
2010 100th Karthika Poornima Celebrations
2013 Sahasra Kumbabhisheka by Srimad Samyamindra Theertha Swamiji
2016 100th Sankeerthana Saptaha Celebrations
2016 Chathurmasa Vritha of Srimad Samyamindra Theertha Swamijii