SLVT Hosdurg

Service Activities

Shri H Gokuldas Kamath managing committee of SLV Temple and Shri Sudheendra Foundation handing over a cheque of Rs1,10,002/- to our samaj member Srikanth Rao for his treatment

We realise that God is best served and pleased by serving the poor and the needy. In addition to being a spiritual centre, our temple has been a cultural and social centre as well. With a view to give assistance to the less privileged in our Samaj, the temple is supporting and working in tandem with Sri Sudheendra Seva Mandal, a registered Charitable Society formed with the blessings and approval of our Swamiji who is its Chief Patron. Several families are the beneficiaries of the Vidya Jyothi and Swasthya-Jyothi schemes of the Seva Mandal. Casual grants for medical treatment, marriage expenses, house repair, self employment etc., are also being given in addition to regular monthly subsistence allowance to widows, destitute etc.

The temple organised medical camps, in which large number of patients even from the General Public took part. Sri Bharathi Nethra Chikitsalaya Super Speciality Eye Hospital provided necessary service of expert Eye Specialists and more than two dozen of people underwent free surgery for cataract. About one hundred and fifty people were given spectacles as prescribed by the Physicians, free of cost. The temple is meeting the full charges for giving coverage to almost all our deserving families under the Manipal Health Card Scheme every year. The temple wishes to record heartfelt thanks to the Vaskamal Trust, Bangalore and several physicians of our place who provided us with even costly medicines distributed at the free Medical Camps.

One of the most important Shodasha Karmas which a Brahmin has to undergo is Upanayana or Brahmopadesha after which one becomes a Dwija. Samoohika Upanayana is organized so that the ceremony can be performed without distinction of the rich or poor. In our temple Samoohika Upanayana was first conducted in 1984 and later in 1987 and 1998. This practice is a boon to many and our temple has organised a Samoohika Brahmopadesha Ceremony as a part of the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the Punah Prathishta of Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh in 2010. Perhaps ours is the only temple of our Samaj which maintains three Rudrabhoomis exclusively for the Samaj at three different locations. It is to be specially mentioned that the magnanimous and far sighted former Patel of Ajanur Village, Late C. Keshav Kini bequeathed through his will 40 cents of land at Bellikoth in the name of Gopala Krishna Devaru, to the samaj exclusively for use as Rudrabhoomi, the right of maintenance of which is now vested in our Temple. Similarly the G.S.B Rudrabhoomi at Melangot has been provided with laterite wall enclosure, modern type burner and other facilities for cremation. The Rudrabhoomi at Nileshwar owned by the G.S.B Samaj is being given assistance for providing necessary infrastructure. In addition to all these, the temple has given a donation of one lakh rupees to the Kanhangad Municipality to earmark one burner exclusively for the use of the Samaj, in the public cremation ground being renovated by the Council near the Hosdurg Fort.

Our dharma enjoins us to treat our Women with reverence and to involve them in our dharmic or social activities. It is a matter of gratification that our Mahila Varga actively participates in all matters connected with our temple. Following the foot prints of the pious personalities like Bhaktha Kavayithri (Late) Susheela Devi and (Late) Lakshmi Devi, our women give prominence to spiritual activities. The Mahila Bhajan Mandali renders mass prayer and Keerthans at the time of the poojas. It is to be specially mentioned that the Varamahalakshmi Vritha is a Mahila dominated spiritual affair in our temple. The Mahamaya Mahila Vrinda had provided the Mukha Mantap (Gopuram) in front of the Mahamaya Shrine and had donated several ornaments for decorating the idol of Mahamaya.

The Swayamsevaks who form the backbone of the temple activities render invaluable voluntary service at the time of Samaradhanas, utsavas and the like. Their service at the Rudrabhoomis is a commendable and selfless, social service. The Samaj appreciates their readiness to help the sick in case of hospitalization accidents and to make arrangements to secure blood required for surgery etc. Thus the collective work of all the limbs of the society contributes to the efficient management, progress and reputation of the temple.