SLVT Hosdurg


Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh

Sri Mahamaya

Sri Maha Lakshmi

Sri Maha ganapati

In the holy Garbhagriha, the Pattavigraha of Sri Venkatesh with Sridevi and Bhudevi adorns the top most of the three Peetahs. This was in the possession of Srimad Bhuvanendra Theertha Swamiji who installed the same as the Chief Deity of the Temple. The Samaj members of Hosdurg who approached the Swamiji to consecrate the temple had already kept ready for installation some other Vigrahas which were seated on the Second Peetah. They are Sri Ram, Sita Devi and Lakshman.

The lowest Peetahs is occupied by the utsav moorthy of Srinivasa with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Mathsyadeva, Gopalakrishna, Shimshumara, Kaalinga Mardana Krishna, Santhana Gopalakrishna, Garuda deva and Hanumantha are also adorning the sanctum sanctorum. In addition, there are two Salagramas, one Vishnu Chakranika and a Narasimha Salagrama.

Other deities worshipped in the temple are the four upadevas – Maha ganapati, Mahalakshmi, Garuda and Hanuman. Sri Mahamaya is installed in a separate shrine to the right of the main temple. Nagadeva’s shrine is situated near the Vasantha Mantap where idols of Vittal Rakhumai are worshipped during the Sankeerthana Sapthaha.

Outside the temple premises about one hundred metres to the north-west there is the Ashwatha platform for Brahmara, who is the guardian or Sentry of the temple. During Devidarshana to answer some puzzling questions of the devotees, the Patri used to rush out of the temple and look towards this Brahmara Katte as if seeking enlightenment or information.

After returning to the inner prakaara, the Darshan would suggest satisfactory remedy to the problems reported by the devotee. Similarly there is the Ashwath Katte for Rahu near the temple. Devotees break coconuts at Brahmara Katte to ward off evils.

There are four permanent Archakas belonging to different families to perform the daily poojas. They are helped by two Paricharakas. They perform poojas to different deities by rotation. The priest who holds the charge of performing poojas to Lord Lakshmi Venkatesh is the Chief Archaka whose term is one year. The change of paryaya is effective from Uthana Dwadashi.

Those priests, who do not have their own houses here, were provided with free quarters by the temple in the past. All priests are allowed to do Paurohitya without hindrance to their temple duty. The total Amrita Padi per day amounts to 9.5 kg of rice. This is shared by the Priests and Paricharakas after Nivedya. 

There are two Silver Pallakkis (Palanquins), one Silver Lalki, a Bhandi and a small chariot used for utsavas on major Parvas. Usually the Utsava Moorthi of Sri Lakshmi Venkatesh is carried in state around the temple and the Nagara Pradakshina in the smaller Silver Pallakki while the larger one is used on some special days. The Silver lalki is used on the Akshaya Tritiya (Moola Prathishta Day), Karthika Deepotsava and Vaishakh poornima for utsava.

The Bhandi is used to drive the Lord in state along the outer Prakara on the Shashti Day in Margashirsha while the small chariot is used on the Punyathithi of Srimad Bhuvanendra Theertha Swamiji and the RathaSapthami in the month of Magha. Vasantha Pooja is performed seating the idol in a beautiful silver cradle. On all major festivals, the idols are decorated with gold Prabhavali, Kavachas etc.

Sri Mukhya Prana

Sri Garuda Deva

Sri Vittal Rakhumai

Sri Nagalaya

Sri Tulsi Mata